[2nd Floor, Center] Regular Exhibition of Antique Artistic Craftworks

From Samurai Families to Common People, and from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary Period
Artistic Craftworks for Daily Use in Japan and the Rest of the World

Centering on articles used in the daily lives of people in the Edo Period, ranging from samurai to common folks, we exhibit a wide range of collection items on a regular basis. Covering a wide range of times and genres, these items include antique craftworks highly valued both domestically and internationally, and craftworks with high value as important historic materials. As indicated by their taste for the simple and quiet, Japanese people have developed their own original sense of beauty. The exhibition will reveal to you how Japanese people in the olden days found the ultimate beauty in nature without decoration in their daily lives; they understood that beauty lay not only in delicate craftworks and flamboyant decorations. We exhibit not only watches and accessories, but also artistic craftworks from foreign countries. While appreciating the sense of beauty and culture distinctive to Japanese people, why not compare differences across times, regions, countries, religions, and cultural spheres? Come and enjoy the world of antique craftworks to the fullest extent possible.

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