Large Venue / Renowned Treasures

Large Venue / Renowned Treasures
[1st Floor, Front] Large Exhibition Venue [2nd Floor, Westside] Regular Exhibition of Renowned Treasures

Large Special Exhibition Venue of Renowned Treasures and Contemporary Creators’ Works In the Large Exhibition ...

Picture of Kemari Ball, Ukiyoe Printing Block, by Kitagawa Utamaro [Edo Period]

(日本語) 世界で4枚目の発見となった、数少ない現存する喜多川歌麿の浮世絵の原盤。

Monkey on a Pine Tree, Wooden Inlay with a Round Frame, by Nishimura Soichiro [Meiji Era]

Although this work might look like an ink drawing, it is actually a wooden inlay. The pattern has been carved ...

More than 1,000 Folding Screens

For Japanese pictures painted on large folding screens using natural pigments, gold leaf, gold powder, etc., t...